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Monster Off Road Wheels Partners in 4WD Training

Earlier this year Monster Off Road Wheels started working with our distributor Bob Jane T-Marts to sponsor 4WD Adventures & Training Australia.

4WD Adventures and Training Australia, located in Wamuran, just north of Brisbane, offers tours and training that are designed to provide the ultimate 4WD experience that will leave trainees and/or tour participants feeling comfortable and confident while equipping them with the necessary 4WD driving skills to get out there and experience the amazing Australian outdoors in their own 4WDs.

Monster Off Road Wheels provides the wheels for all the training vehicles that add a sense of style but shows that alloy wheels can be run in most terrains around Australia.

Bob Jane T-Marts provides all the tyres from top brands they stock and sell around Australia. Each vehicle is equipped with a different tyre brand in order to provide participants with some experience with multiple brands and tyre patterns than the average consumer gets to experience when having to purchase the tyres through the life of their 4WD.



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