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As our product line expands, it's imperative that Monster Wheels manufacturing technology expands as well. This is why  our latest products, the AMMO and the TOMAHAWK feature the latest construction process - Flow Forged Wheels. 

flow forged technology

Flow Forged  Monster Wheels are top of the line in off-road performance due to the specific manufacturing process that produces a lighter wheel, with strength improvements in various components, when compared against the same design wheel made using conventional casting methods.

The casting process involves a complex single piece metal object, also known as a pre-cast blank. 

The pre-cast blank is prepared and preheated to a specific temperature in preparation for the final flow forging process. 

flow forged technology1
flow forged technology2
flow forged technology3

The end product is a wheel that used less metal to manufacture versus regular casted wheels, which result in weight reductions compared to conventional wheel casting processes.

The AMMO has a load rating of 1500kg.

The TOMAHAWK has a load rating of 1250kg.

The flow forging process utilises hydraulic rollers to stretch, compress and form the entire wheel barrel, ultimately increasing the tensile strength and elongation properties of the wheel. 

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