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The Full Story



Born from the love of Monster Trucks. Built for the love of Adventure.


Growing up around motorsport and racetracks, founder Rodney Jane witnessed and became fascinated with Monster Trucks from a young age. It is no surprise that years later Rodney’s son developed his own love for Monster Trucks with the family driving a Ford F250 pick-up, in his own eyes this was his very own Monster Truck.


For Rodney, the word Monster was always close to mind and always came back to its relationship to the automotive world – strong, powerful and overpowering vehicles, with the wheels and tyres to match. With Australia’s interest in off-roading and large 4WDs becoming increasingly popular, Rodney began to develop a concept of heavy duty 4 alloy wheels to enhance the all-terrain growing number of vehicles, shortly after  the brand Monster Wheels along with its first product line-up was launched.


Today, Monster Wheels is thriving, manufacturing wheels built and ready to tackle all roads. Producing durable, versatile and powerful products that can be used around the streets, on all roads from the snow to the sand and travelling Australia. A product built to last, inspired by Monster Trucks and where we live.


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